A break in the thermal seal of your window can lead to many different problems, some of which with potentially wide-reaching consequences. A broken seal can allow water to enter your window and home, leading to foggy windows or moisture seeping into the frame and wall, where it can cause rot or mould. It also can be responsible for cold air entering or heated air escaping from your home, which in turn can increase your energy and utility bills.

Different factors can lead to a broken thermal seal. The settling or shifting of your home over time can cause strain on the seals. Also, the weather cycles of heating up during the day and cooling off during the night lead to constant expansion and contraction of the seals, which lead to cracks and leaks. No matter what the cause, Window Repair GTA’s window caulking repair services are the solution to your problem.

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We offer a wide range of window repair services to serve our customers, including: window repairs, window frame repairs, window locks, window hinge replacement, foggy windows, window cranks, window caulking, window glass repair

In most cases, a repair is cheaper than a replacement, so you can rest assured that our services will be affordable and economical. It is our mission to pay particular attention to detail and quality to ensure that the repair process is smooth and efficient.

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The process of a window caulking repair basically consists of three steps:
Assessment: First off, we assess the job to gather all the necessary details, such as the type of repair required and the size and number of windows. This will allow us to prepare our estimate for you.

Preparation: This is the step where you receive our estimate of the project costs, together with information about the required materials and labour. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about the estimate. Once both sides agree, we go ahead with the gathering of the necessary top-quality materials and assigning a team.

Execution: Now, our professional technicians will come to your home to perform the repairs. They will carry out all required tasks diligently and efficiently to fix the problem as quickly and conveniently as possible.

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